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A word from our editor-in-chief, Vivianne Lapointe

We are so excited to welcome you to the Live FAST Secret Society. With the lingerie guide already a mainstay within the Live FAST pages, the natural progression was to become a retailer. This month, we launched our redesigned e-com site, a customized shopping experience catering to our loyal followers and readers who, for the most part, are lingerie collectors and admirers of femininity in all of its might.

This concept was born out of a true appreciation of women. As a publication, Live FAST Magazine provides a loud and vocal soapbox for positive feminism. Although we've come a long way with women's right over the past several decades, the media does not yet seem to fully encourage women to be both feminine AND strong. Live FAST clearly states that EVERY perspective is safe and okay, as long as the woman feels secure. In doing so, we send a sex positive message to all women, while allowing and encouraging men to admire strong, sexual women. That’s a huge part of my mission as an editor-in-chief, and I will be following the same direction as we move into e-commerce.

As part of our “Secret Society,” a revolving selection of creative women will curate a collection of lingerie that complements their unique aesthetic and silhouette and by doing so, they are given a voice as Live FAST’s buyers for the month. Every new campaign will introduce four new women and a new photographer. By connecting products with the stories of these women, the Live FAST shop will not only showcase an amazingly diverse edit, but also will celebrate the stylings of women of all shapes, age, ethnicity and styles.

For the launch edit, I have personally selected women who have a special place in my heart and who play an important part in the Live FAST legacy. The lineup includes erotic artist Natalie Krim (@nataliejhane), writer Julia Childs (@juliaelisechilds), creative producer Brynn Wallner (@brynntrill) and model Danielle Alcaraz (@daniellealcaraz). I chose photographer Olivia Shove as the lead photographer for this project for her feminist perspective and talent for highlighting natural beauty in her work. Everything is shot on 35mm film and polaroids and photos have not been retouched.

I’m super excited to have partnered up with some of my favorite brands on this project - featuring established names such as Maison Close, HAH, Curriculum Vitae, Bodybinds and Clare Bare, the Live FAST Secret Society shop is robust with styles from from various cutting-edge labels. Unsurprisingly, some of the girls picked the same, best selling styles, creating an opportunity to see the same garment styled differently on several body types - a convenient feat for people shopping for gifts.

This project is about empowering women who are not necessarily models but who feel great in their bodies and are down to take half nude photos they will have of themselves forever; to celebrate the fact that they are unique, epic and beautiful. It’s about sharing my love for lingerie, because no matter what you look like, how old you are or how much you weigh, there’s really nothing like it to boost your confidence. We believe that the finest underpinnings are a form of self-care and leisure.

PS - I have commissioned Julia-Elise Childs, a writer I scouted straight out of UCLA a few years ago, to write The Secret Society Manifesto. You can read it here.

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